Bartending not Pretending

The phrase Bartending Not Pretending summarizes what a bartender should know. There is a significant amount of false information on the Internet, and we want to share our thoughts. A bartender is the profit outlet for the bar owner. The series Bartending Not Pretending will stimulate the minds of bartenders everywhere.

Many things make a professional bartender. Sure, pouring cocktails and knowing some beer and wine is essential. Well-trained professional bartenders may work in nearly any establishment. Also, after just a short amount of internal training at a new job, a professional bartender’s sales will be excellent. SALES is the most critical part of a bartender’s job.

I Am Bartending, Not Pretending

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As part of my preparation, I know my menus 100%, and I have change, small bills, and coins ready for customers. Specifically, I cut my garnishes, placed the beer on ice, and sorted the kegs. Additionally, the key holder to the “booze room” (usually the manager) has my list of “nearly out of booze” bottles.

I stock my bar caddy with everything that I expect to need. The bar is clean. I have my bartending tools, and I have double-checked everything.

Moreover, I am at work because my boss hired me to make a profit. I know my liquor, beer, and my wine. Bartenders are happy to be at work. Nightly, I have a new opportunity to impress my boss. Similarly, tonight is a chance to break my last sales record.

In the same way, every shift is a new opportunity to break the record of tips I have ever made in a shift.

Real Bartenders Are The Most Successful

Real bartenders commanding the best jobs and money follow the above mantra. The most successful bartenders have a positive aura about them.

Very rarely is a bartender in demand for the hottest nightclub or the ritzy restaurant if they have a negative attitude. Keeping a positive mindset is a must. Keeping a positive mindset is really easy when you are being paid to have fun!

If you live in Southern California and bartending sounds like something you are interested in, Riverside Bartending School is likely your best option. So why wait?

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