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Riverside is a remarkable county with many places to bartend. These opportunities coupled with the proper bartender training, make it much easier to find a bartending job in Riverside County.

We have been in the same location since the 1982, and we know many owners, managers, and bartenders who work at establishments in Riverside County. Maintaining relationships throughout the years attributes to Riverside Bartending School’s popularity in the community.

Bartender training at riverside bartending school is unsurpassed

Bartending Outlook in Riverside County

There are over 1600 bars, and restaurants with full bars, serving spirits in Riverside County. With a population hovering around 3,000,000 people, Riverside County is sizeable. The outlook for bartending is extremely strong. Our bartending school in Riverside is a National Bartenders School. We can help you find work in any area of the United States and frequently in foreign countries. Our graduates work all over the Southern California Counties of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

Graduates will also enjoy a 90% job placement rate outside of those counties and outside the state of California. Since Riverside County is populous, there are job openings at many of the bars and restaurants in the County.

Our Bartending School places ultimate importance on helping every graduate ultimately work in the bartending job of their dreams. We also collaborate with the graduate to get them a job immediately upon graduation. Most of our graduates are working within a few days of graduation.

Riverside and Diversity

Riverside bartending school is the most experienced and successful Riverside represents a diverse population. The remarkable part is the opportunities for jobs as a bartender. Most owners we encounter love to hire a diverse mix of people from various cultures because it’s what the population represents.

It is important for many restaurants and bars to staff themselves with employees and managers from all walks of life. We always wonder why people continue to work for less than excellent wages. Most graduates working in the bartending industry are making more than $35.00 per hour. Riverside County, this is your chance to work in an industry that pays well.

Needless to say, bartending jobs are also fun! Riverside Bartending School always has an open door policy during our business hours. Please stop by and hang out for a few. We love to meet new people interested in crafting some cocktails.

Riverside Bartending School

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