Bartending School Cost

Bartending School Cost

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Bartending school cost is essential, but training is much more critical. At our Bartending School in Riverside, there are many positives for the prospective student to ponder. We offer a 100-hour Bartending Certification program that is superior in the industry.

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No Other Bartending School Teaches These Systems

We train all of our students on point-of-sale systems. We have a point-of-sale system in our school, so our students obtain real-life training. Our instructors will work with you one-on-one until you have the system perfected. No other Bartending School includes this training within their curriculum. However, one of the biggest requests we have from hiring managers is that graduates understand the "POS" systems and the finite details of keeping the finances straight behind the bar.

Serve Safe Alcohol Awareness

Also, our students receive the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe Alcohol Awareness Certification Program. The National Restaurant Association is an international non-profit organization that helps people learn the rules, laws, and regulations to serving alcohol.

Riverside Bartending School is certified to teach alcohol awareness for the National Restaurant Association. Therefore, our Bartending School graduates are prepared to enter the workforce the day they graduate.

Budweiser and Guinness

Budweiser and Guinness have been kind enough to let us teach their beer-pouring programs as a part of our standard curriculum!

We will teach you how to tap a keg, and inline keg, CO2 systems, and nitrogen systems. We do not cut corners on your education!

Our Bartending School will teach you until you are confident, professional, and successful.

Bartending School Sequence to Graduate:

Lessons 1-7 (hands-on learning)

  1. Two Liquor Drinks
  2. Wine and Coffee Drinks/Wine Pairing
  3. Cream Drinks (high-volume testing)
  4. Highballs and Mixed Drinks
  5. Martinis, Manhattans and Rob Roys
  6. Sours and Blended Drinks
  7. Shooters, Shots, and Snifter Drinks
  8. Customer Service

Customer Service Lecture

Our Bartending School has 28 methods for serving customers, so they come back time and time again.  Successful Bartenders use these techniques and make significantly more tips than non-professionally trained Bartenders. Our customer service lecture is very informative, and students learn a tremendous amount about the industry.

Final Written Exam

Students are provided with a study guide to ensure success. Our Bartending Instructors will help students achieve the goal of passing this test.

Final Pouring Exam

Students will be given a cumulative pouring exam and become Certified in Bartending, which is valid for life and it is valid nationwide. This process will assure the graduate is prepared for the workforce and ready to bartend in a high-volume setting the first day on the job.

Point of Sale Training

Our Bartending School is currently the only Bartending School in Southern California to educate our students on a state of the art Micros POS system. Students will learn how to open and close tabs, creating custom drink orders, cashing out their tips received on credit cards, switching patrons from one table to another or from the bar to the restaurant and many other techniques.

Budweiser/Guinness Beer Pouring Programs

This Bartending Course is fantastic! Students will learn how to tap a keg, an inline keg system, Co2 pressures, sanitization, pouring the perfect draught while maintaining inventory, and layering beer.