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Choosing You Local Bartending School?

Choosing your local bartending school is a critical decision. Often, we reflect and wish we had made a different decision.

If you are asking yourself: what’s the closest bartending school near me, or where is the closest bartending school? You are not alone.

The term bartending school near me is one of the most frequent searches on the Internet for people looking for bartending schools. Let’s dive into the thought processes of the consumer.

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Convenience of a Local Bartending School is a Huge Factor

Hence, “bartending school near me” is often used when searching for bartending schools in your area.

What if someone were to say, “Education is the key to your success” or “The more effort you put into something, the bigger the reward”?

The last statements may seem cliche, but these claims have some truth.

Rather than finding the closest bartending school, look for a quality one.

Distance is not an issue within reason. For example, driving 20 miles to go to school rather than 8 miles is not convenient, but ensuring success by driving further is enticing.

What's So Special About Riverside Bartending School

As a reader, you may be asking what’s so special about Riverside Bartending School.

  1. We provide our students with a quality education.
  2. When Riverside quotes a price to customers before they come into the school, it is always “all-inclusive.”
  3. The all-inclusive price also includes everything you need to know to be a bartender at a high-volume bar:

Local Bartending School Comparison

Riverside Others
Hours of Training 100 40
Flexible Schedule No Yes
High Volume Training Yes No
Bartending Certification Yes Yes
POS Training Yes No
Budweiser/Guiness Beer Pouring Yes No
Food and Wine Pairing Yes No
Real Bar Equipment Yes No
Resume Service Yes Maybe
Interview Training Yes Maybe
Bartending Options After Graduation Yes Yes
90 Schools Nationwide Yes No
Lifetime Membership Yes No

The Other Bartending School Was Closer To Me

On average, Riverside Bartending School hears, “The other bartending school was closer” about five or six times a month.

Sometimes, people enroll in a local bartending school because it is closer to their homes.

A handful of those people come to our school asking if we can help them find a job. The owner and the staff at Riverside feel horrible when this happens.

Unfortunately, if the person in question wants a bartending job, they must pay for our school and train with us.

It is imperative that graduates are well-trained. We have a reputation with more than 400 restaurants and bars.

They depend on our graduates to know and run the bar in a high-volume atmosphere.

Local bartending school near me

Come On; It's Just Bartending School

We have heard many people say, “Come on; it’s just bartending school,” but we politely disagree.

Comparatively, owners and managers are seeking bartenders who know their profession.

In short, a well-trained bartender is the most profitable employee on the floor in the front of the house (the portion of the bar or restaurant serving the public). “Come on; it’s just bartending” will not get you hired.

Conversely, learning to OWN that bar with excellent skills is the fastest way to great success.

Bartending is a business, and owners and managers are in business to make a profit.

Without profit comes the “Out of Business” sign on the front door. Bar owners want and need prepared bartenders, not pretenders.

To summarize, a bartender is responsible for being fast in times of a rush.

Moreover, they must up-sell alcohol, suggestively sell alcohol, and be creative to increase business.

Riverside Bartending School will provide all the tools necessary to perform these duties. 

Online Enrollment

Online registration for any vocational school is a crapshoot. Riverside Bartending School has a theory. The theory of online enrollment is relatively simple. Why would I spend my hard-earned money without seeing the school and meeting the staff?

Riverside is open per the hours listed on this website, and people are always welcome to visit us. Most people have intuition. We invite anyone who wants to become a successful/professional bartender to come over to the school and take a look.

If you feel good about the school, you may enroll anytime our school is open. The open-door policy is the best policy. Do the research, ask questions, and a future of success will follow.

A Few Quotes from Intelligent People

To cut down a tree in 5 minutes spend 3 minutes sharpening your axe.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Ask not what you can do for your bartending school, ask what your bartending school will do for you.

Come and visit us

We have been in the same location since 1982, behind Jim’s Market in the Lincoln Square shopping center. Our address is 12702 Magnolia Ave #3, Riverside, CA, 92503.

Riverside Bartending School

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