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Those interested in learning about us are pleased with what they discover.

The most experienced and successful bartending School in Riverside Bartending School.

With over 40 years of experience and success, Riverside Bartending School is the best choice for Bartending School in the Inland Empire.

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At Riverside Bartending School

Again, thank you for taking the time to learn about us. At Riverside Bartending School you will learn from the best, receive one-on-one training within a flexible schedule, and get priority treatment from hiring owners and managers. 

Learn From The Best & Become The Best

Our curriculum is designed to turn you into a high-volume bartender. This accomplishment will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to find and be granted coveted bartending opportunities. You will also have the skills to serve your customers and employers with extreme professionalism.

About us riverside bartending school
Upon graduation, you will be offered our unsurpassed opportunity placement assistance.

This process is designed to pair you with the proper opportunities and get you chance you deserve to use your bartending skills. 

We are quite certain that, within a short time after you graduate, you will have plenty of options to perform as a high-volume bartender.

Become A Sought After Bartender!

The average bartender earns $20 – $40 per hour! Classes at our Bartending School start daily, so why wait any longer?

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About us riverside bartending school

Unparalleled Training

We are the only true 100-hour Bartending School in Southern California,

We Produce The Best Bartenders

We have a large amount of knowledge about the needs of your future employers. In short we teach every student to be the best of the best.
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High-Volume Bartenders

We teach and provide the experience you need to be a high-volume bartender.

Our Curriculum Ensures

That our graduates are high-volume bartenders. Owners and managers want to hire these bartenders! Fast and knowledgeable bartenders are in demand.
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Flexible Class Times

You choose the training schedule that works best for you.

Fast or Slow, Your Choice

You can push it or you can take your time. Ultimately, you will set an individual Bartending Education plan that suits your needs and ensures your graduation.
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Why Choose Us

We are the first Bartending School in Southern California to implement a 100-hour bartender training program.

Contrary to what others may believe, you cannot truly learn to be a high-volume bartender in any less time.

When you enroll at Riverside Bartending School, we will teach you the craft of bartending and provide you with multiple opportunities to practice with actual patrons.

This ensures you are ready with both a professional bartender’s technical and practical knowledge when you take your final exam.

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Our Standards

Our standards for your education are unparalleled in the industry. We have a large amount of knowledge about the needs of your future employers. In short, we teach every student to be the best of the best.

Our Principles

Our school is rooted in simple principles. We designed our curriculum to educate each student until they become high-volume bartenders. We feel it is essential for our graduates to be fast and knowledgeable because owners and managers want to hire precisely that! Fast and knowledgeable bartenders are in demand.


To summarize, pairing our standards and our principles provides our students with many opportunities for bartending jobs.

Owners and managers will look at our grads when they typically will not take a look at a grad from other schools. Education and training are the keys to our grads landing jobs and owners and managers being happy after hiring them.

Riverside Bartending School

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