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Top Earning Bartenders

Top-earning bartenders make over $200,000 per year. Similarly, bartenders who possess product knowledge, creativity, and a positive attitude make big bucks.

Riverside Bartending School has several graduates working in VIP lounges in Las Vegas. Moreover, during election years union bartenders are sought after to bartend for political candidates, constituents, and staff members. The pay is unbelievable! Also, tips are astounding! Several top-earning bartenders from Riverside Bartending School have several houses, investments in stocks, retirement plans, and a career in bartending.

How is it Done

Over the decades of working in the service industry, one thing separates success from mediocrity. How is it done? Learning to bartend coupled with having a great mentor. In other words, bartending is similar to many careers in life. Finding the right person to guide you to the top is imperative to success. Most top-earning bartenders are life-long learners.

If you want to become a top earning bartender...

With a thirst for learning and motivation, anyone may become a top earner. Equally, creativity is imperative. Some people may think they have zero creativity. Then again, creativity may be learned. Product knowledge is a large factor in gaining creativity. Surprisingly, the more one knows, the more they may cross-reference in their brain to come up with creative solutions to challenges at work.

Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor is a process. That is to say, picking a quality mentor is a big decision. For example, a bartender making 200K may be mentoring a couple of other bartenders. In this case, the bartender may not have the time. It does not hurt to ask but do not feel bad if the bartender declines.

On the positive side, creating relationships with top-earning bartenders is relatively easy. Staying positive and networking with others is a great thing. Moreover, keep learning. Riverside Bartending School is top notch regarding placing graduates in jobs. As a result, we are popular and successful.

Albeit, most graduates from Riverside Bartending School will not be starting out making 1K per night. It has happened a few times, but most graduates will not reach that goal until nine months to 3 years after graduation. To be a top-earning bartender, one must keep studying.

What to Study After Riverside Bartending School

Top-notch bartenders are employed and find work within so many areas. One could be working at the swanky whiskey bar or the Russian vodka club. For the most part, it depends on where the bartender lands a great job. Additionally, is the bartender motivated to bartend that particular genre?

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How Do I Know – Case Study

One of our graduates worked at a Mexican restaurant for a few months. Shortly after, she received a job at a Russian vodka club in Los Angeles. She hit the jackpot money wise. Unfortunately, she was not comfortable in that particular atmosphere. As a matter of fact, she gave a six-month run of it. Be it as it may, she had to quit. The bartending job was not for her. Nonetheless, her job at the Mexican restaurant was waiting for her.

The point of the story is, she really loved the Mexican restaurant. Moreover, they treated her like family. After speaking with her, she just was not motivated to work with uptight people and having to learn new garnishes every week.

One of the requirements of the job at the Russian vodka bar was learning how to dry apricots, sugar them with powdered sugar, and all while off shift at home.

Understandably, one might have to weigh the time to money ratio. However, she just enjoyed her time off and did not want to bother with work responsibilities.

How much does one want to do off shift for $750 a night?

Most people would do whatever it takes as a bartender for $750 a night. Conversely, to many people, happiness at $275 a night makes sense.

In conclusion, Riverside Bartending School, its owners, and its staff are here to mentor our graduates. If we cannot help the graduate, we will find someone who will.

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