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Most Experienced and Successful Bartenders

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With over 30 years of experience and success as a Bartending School, Riverside Bartending School is the best choice for Bartending School in the Inland Empire. The most experienced and successful bartenders continue their education throughout their years of bartending. Geared toward helping each graduate find their way in the bartending industry our 100-hour program is unprecedented.

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Because we have been offering Bartending Classes, and Job Placement Assistance for our certified bartenders for over three decades we have it nailed! In particular, our instructors are all experienced bartenders and professionals in the industry.  Additionally, we offer a very current and modern education for future bartenders. Furthermore, we have the highest job placement rate of any bartending school in the inland empire! This success comes from fostering relationships with the hospitality industry's major players in Southern California and throughout the nation.

We are not the usual Bartending School!

We have a unique program. Our 100-hour program is the best in the industry. Many of our competing schools claim to train their students to become bartenders; but, it is nearly impossible to do so in 30 or 40 hours. Furthermore, if you are considering an online Bartending School, how will it be possible for you to train and learn how to perform the duties of a Bartender? It is similar to learning how to drive a car. You may learn how to obey the laws and the theory of driving a car by watching some videos. However, to understand and be competent on how to operate a vehicle one must get behind the wheel.

Let Riverside Bartending School show you how to become a high-volume bartender. Owners and managers hire from us because they receive the most highly trained graduate from any bartending school.

Earn your place in our bartending school history!

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