Prepared Bartenders Earn More Money

Professional Bartenders Are In Demand

Prepared bartenders are in demand. All professional bartenders prepare for the rush of customers and are ready to perform as high-volume bartenders. A willing and able bartender can sell 50 to 100% more than a bartender who lacks preparation. Because of this, once you graduate from Riverside Bartending School, you will be well-trained and prepared.

A well-trained and prepared bartender will:

  • Bartender preparing a cocktail. JpegCheck the booze on hand behind the bar, and
    • Make a list of the bottles they will need during their shift.

    Professional and prepared bartenders can estimate how much booze they will need during their shift. This means they can hand the manager a list of what they will need after an initial inventory. The bartender’s preparation must take place before the club starts poppin’.

    Unopened bottles are returned to the manager once the bartender’s shift is over. Having the bottle removed from the booze room in advance saves a significant amount of grief during a rush.

    Top professional bartenders also prepare by making sure the following is in stock and within reach:

    • straws,
    • napkins,
    • toothpicks, and
    • coasters.

    Also, they determine the likelihood of the need to change a beer keg during their shift. A quick trip to the walk-in cooler ensures the replacement keg is ready and available. Any extra time needed to get the keg out of the cooler during the rush only results in fewer sales.

    A well-trained and prepared bartender will:

    Prepared bartenders know bartending drinks

    The intelligent and prepared bartender also brings their bar bag full of the necessary tools. They have all the tools of the trade, and nothing is missing. Many of us have worked in bars where the bartender from the previous shift is sloppy. Some even take the bartending tools home with them. This behavior leaves the next bartender to fend for themselves. That is a terrible night, trust me. It’s sad when you use the side of the bar, or a lighter, to open a beer for customers.

    Because They are Bartending, Not Pretending

    At Riverside Bartending School, we train our students to become high-volume professional bartenders, and upon graduation, we provide unbeaten job placement assistance.

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    We Do Not Cut Corners on Our Bartending Endorsement

    When our graduates get their first opportunity to serve as a Professional Bartender, they do fantastic.

    Hiring managers are always impressed by the graduates of Riverside Bartending School.

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