Bartending Courses

Our 100-hours of Bartending Courses include all aspects of what is necessary for you to be a high-volume and top earning bartender.

Our Bartending Curriculum

Note: Our Bartending Courses are all-inclusive and always quoted so on the phone.

Our Bartending Courses consist of the training required for all students to achieve or learn: 

Bartending Credential Recognized Nationwide

Riverside Bartending School has an excellent reputation with our bartending certification because of the time we spend with our students. Many bars and restaurants will not hire form bartending schools, but they hire from us.

Our credential is respected for many reasons. For example, when one of our graduates finds their first job, and they need help learning a signature drink list, we help them at the school. This helps to ensure that the student is successful when they show up their first night at their new bartending job.

We also do the same thing for wine lists. We will help our graduates learn the wine list at any restaurant for which they work. Employers love us because they save big bucks on training. Our combined bartending courses are always free for life after enrollment is completed.

Point of Sale (POS) Training Using Micros POS

Point of sale training is one of the bartending courses we teach. We do not know of another bartending school that teaches Point of Sales, but it is necessary to understand this skill. With our state-of-the-art Micros point-of-sale system, students learn how to keep track of the money; we rise above other schools that have nothing. We teach students how to:
  • Open and close tabs,
  • Cash-out their tips given to them on a credit card,
  • Make custom drinks inside the POS machine,
  • Transfer a guest from the bar to the restaurant,
  • Take care of a table that wants to split the tab five different ways, and
  • Many other complicated procedures for a novice.

ServSafe Alcohol Awareness Certification

We also require that each student become certified in ServSafe Alcohol Awareness before they graduate because many companies are now requiring alcohol awareness training before they will hire a prospective employee.

The Budweiser and Guinness Beer Pouring Programs

The Budweiser and Guinness Beer Pouring Programs make our school unique also.


No other bartending school in California teaches these programs as a part of their standard curriculum.


We teach students how to tap a keg, and inline keg system, C02 systems, nitrogen systems, layering beers such as black and tans, and how to keep taps and lines sanitary.

Garnish Preparation and Cutting Techniques

Students will learn how to properly cut and prepare many of the most popular garnishes such as lemons, limes, olives, pickled onions, pineapples, and cherries.


Our Bartending School will also teach graduates how to cut specialty garnishes for their new place of employment if our standard garnish cutting lesson did not include their employer’s technique. We stick with our students until they thrive!

Opening and Closing Procedures

One of the essential things a bartender does is open and closes the bar. Opening a bar can be a daunting task.


For example, there are many variables, such as:

  • How many garnishes should I cut?
  • How much cash should I have in the drawer before my shift starts?
  • How many bottles of beer should I put in my ice bins?
  • Do I have enough ice?
  • How do I store the bar’s bottles at the end of the night?

In other words, Riverside Bartending School makes sure you are prepared to answer these questions in your head at your first job on the first night you work.

Cash Handling and Point of Sale Systems

How many times have you been to a bar or a restaurant, and the tab was wrong when you received it? Probably not that many.


If a bartender or a server makes a mistake on the check, it is a severe pain in the neck for the manager.


Riverside Bartending School wants our graduates to have experience in handling a point of sale systems (which 95% of bars and restaurants use), so they do not make rookie mistakes their first day on the job.


The more mistakes a new person makes, the less likely they are to impress their manager and keep their job. Furthermore, errors can get a newbie bartender put on the worst shifts.


Our Bartending School wants to avoid letting our graduates make these mistakes so they can get promoted and get the best schedules.

Speed Pouring, Free Pouring, and Transfer Pouring

Speed pouring can cut the time of pouring a drink by 30 to 40 percent. Free pouring, if it is done right, can increase the sales in a bar by a large margin. Transfer pouring is the slowest method of pouring, but many corporate establishments will require that bartenders do so. Notably, Riverside Bartending School teaches all three techniques.

Inventory Control

One of the most significant problems with any bar from a manager’s perspective is inventory control.


Inventory control equates to how much liquor is being used to sell drinks. For example, did the last bartender pour 26 vodka drinks with one bottle of vodka, or did the bartender pour 18 drinks with one bottle of vodka? As one may see, there is a big difference (around 30%), and managers are always watching costs.


Our Bartending School teaches many ways to save inventory but keep the customer happy. Over pouring is a nasty trap because customers will come to expect increase alcohol content in their drinks.


Consequently, if the drinks are strong one day and weak the next, customers tend to become agitated and ask why their drinks are so weak. Inventory control methods can be used to curb this from happening.

Cream Drinks

Cream drinks are coming back into fashion. Many hot spots around the nation are reporting an increase in sales with cream drinks such as the Grasshopper and the Creamsicle.


Riverside Bartending School is teaching the cream drinks because we want to prepare our students to work anywhere from the corner pub to the Ritz Carlton.

Flavored Martinis, Martinis, Manhattans and Rob Roys

Flavored martinis are all the rage. Customers love a bartender that can make ten or twenty flavored martinis.


Martini drinkers typically tip well, and our Bartending School will teach each student how to make the new martinis and the old school martinis properly. Many business executives like to drink Old Fashioneds, Manhattans and Rob Roys.


Businesspersons typically tip very well too. We want our students to be well rounded with these drinks, so they do not have to look through a book, in front of the customer, to make a Rob Roy.

Highball & Mixed Drinks

Riverside Bartending School will teach each student nearly 30 of these drinks. Some examples would be Tequila Sunrises, Sex on the Beach, Bloody Marys, Presbyterians, and the Cape Cod.


These drinks consist of the majority of the drinks you will be serving your customers at most restaurants and bars.

Blended Drinks

Blended drinks can be tricky to prepare. First, one must watch out for the ice to liquid ratio. If there is too much ice, the blended drink will be very thick and hard to pour from the blender. If there is too much liquid and not enough ice, the blended drink will come out thin and chunky.


Riverside Bartending School will teach each student to make the properly blended drink for a perfect margarita every time!

Two Liquor Drinks

Our bartending school knows the importance of serving a good tasting White Russian or a perfectly poured Chocolate Soda.


Therefore, we intend to teach each of our students eighteen of these drinks. A few of them taste like cold chocolate milk, yum!


Once our graduates know how to make these drinks, they can sell them to their customers, which increase the likelihood that their customer will come back again to get the same drink. Because you are a knowledgeable bartender will allow you to build priceless relationships with your customers.

Shooters, Shots, and Snifter Drinks

One of the best ways to increase sales as a bartender is to mix up some tasty shooters.


Our bartending courses are geared to help students rock the bar!


At Riverside Bartending School, we will teach our students the thirty most popular shooters, shots, and snifter drinks, ranging from Scooby Snacks to Incredible Hulks.


Teaching our students how to sell these drinks is paramount to us. The more shooters a bartender can sell per hour, the more profit there is for the bar. Also, the more sales a bartender has at the end of the night, the more tips the bartender will have.


Shooters, shots, and snifter drinks are a great way to increase sales.

Coffee Drinks

Bartenders need to know some coffee drinks because customers like to end their night of fun and libations with a nice, hot coffee drink.


Riverside Bartending School teaches about ten different coffee drinks ranging from Mexican Coffee to Irish Coffee. A good coffee drink on a cold night may be just what a customer wants.


Why not learn them in Bartending School so you will be able to consult with your customer on the best coffee drink for them?

Wine Drinks

How about a Mimosa or a Princess Dianna?


Many restaurants have busy Sunday brunch crowds that love to order Champagne and wine drinks.


Brunch is a moneymaker if a graduate finds the right place to work. Our Bartending School understands the importance of knowing these drinks.


Weddings, parties, and holidays are filled with customers ordering these libations. The more knowledge a graduate has, the happier the customers will be.

Food and Wine Pairing For 20 Wines

Bartending Courses without food and wine pairing are leaving something out.


Nothing replaces a bartender or a server that can recommend the appropriate wine with the right course in the meal.


Our Bartending School teaches our students about before and after-dinner wines, what wines go with what foods, and pronunciations of the most typical wines served at restaurants such as Cabernet Sauvignon.


Just as stated above, many times, a knowledgeable bartender or server that can recommend the right alcohol for a meal is priceless to the establishment and the customers.


Knowing how to pair food and wine pairing raises the bar when it comes to service!

Customer Service and Dealing With Difficult People

Excellent customer service will keep customers coming back again and again.


Once a bartender builds a following of regular customers, the tips start to flow. Customer service is essential, and Riverside Bartending School has many industry tricks to keep your customers happy. Yes, there are some tricks, and they work well.


Our bartending courses teach you the many things we have learned from bartenders over the years. Therefore, our graduates look very professional when they work at their first job.

Riverside Bartending School has the most extensive bartending courses available. Stop by and hang out with us if you would like. We are very honored and proud to show people our excellent school!

Riverside Bartending School

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