Bartending Certification


Riverside Bartending School has an excellent reputation with our bartending certification because of the time we spend with our students. Many bars and restaurants will not hire from bartending schools but they hire from us.

Our Certification

Our certification is very respected for many reasons. For example, when one of our graduates finds their first job and they need help with learning a signature drink list we help them at the school. This ensures the student is successful when they show up their first night at their new bartending job. We also do the same thing for wine lists. We will help our graduates learn the wine list at any restaurant they work at. Employers love us because they save big bucks on training.

Bartending Certification or Knowledge

Many ask whether they need bartending certification or knowledge. Our bartending school in Riverside is the only bartending school offering a complete and comprehensive bartending program. Our program is number one for a reason. First, our students receive as much one-on-one instruction as they need. Second, our program consists of 100-hours of training rather than the standard bartending school of 30 to 40 hours. Therefore, owners and managers hire from us because our graduates are high volume bartenders when they graduate. Bartenders must be able to keep up with the demand of orders or they will lose profit for the bar they are working at. Riverside Bartending School teaches our students to run the bar in a high volume setting.

Bartending Certification is Helpful But Not Necessary

The reason Bartending Certification is helpful but not necessary is some establishments will not hire you without a bartending certification. Conversely, others will. Several factors play into one becoming a successful bartender. For example, we hear of many people working their way up in the industry. Of course, working your way up takes a couple of years. However, we like to think of Riverside Bartending School as being the fast track to becoming a successful bartender. At Riverside, we can help you become a bartender in a few weeks. Very rarely is that possible without the proper training and guidance. When one enrolls at Riverside, we break out the resources we have accumulated for three decades. We truly help each and every graduate one-on-one so they are successful.