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Are you interested in starting a bartending career? We serve Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, Colton, Corona, Moreno Valley, or the surrounding area?

A successful bartending career often results from proper training. Additionally, receiving a bartending certification from Riverside bartending school opens up doors. Our job placement assistance equates to higher pay, and a long-lasting career.

Bartending Jobs and placement assistance

How Long is Bartending School

Many prospective students ask how long is bartending school. The answer to the question is not difficult. Consequently, here is some things to consider. First, our bartending school takes about 100 hours.

However, most schools are set up to train students from 10 hours to 40 hours. Unfortunately, the less training one receives, the less desirable they are for hiring. Most of all, owners and managers of bars and restaurants want experience. Similarly, experience only comes in two ways of bartending. Number one, hands on training behind a real bar with equipment used in the industry. Number two, on the job training.

Learn to Bartend Online

It is impossible for someone to learn to bartend online. Watching a video of bartending is like watching a video of mountain biking. In a like manner, to become a great mountain biker you must practice. If you want to learn the theory of mountain biking watch a video. Muscle training and muscle reaction are all a part of tending bar. Knowing the theory of bartending is great. Yet, knowing how to run the bar in a high volume atmosphere is a different story. Practice makes perfect as they say. We are here to help you succeed.

The average student graduates from our 100 hour bartending course in 3.5 weeks. Comparatively, we have graduates after ten days. Furthermore, it depends on the individual's situation. As a result, Riverside Bartending School will custom tailor an education plan for you.

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