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A graduate from our inland empire bartenders school mixes a drinkRiverside Bartending School has been the leading Inland Empire Bartenders School since 1982.  Anyone in the Inland Empire looking for a bartender school likely found Riverside Bartending School advertised somewhere in the Inland Empire.

Jeff Goodman founded Riverside Bartenders School in 1982. He started the school in the Inland Empire and named it National Bartenders School, “The Inland Empire’s Premiere Bartending School.” People who wanted to learn how to become a bartender were very impressed.

Since National Bartenders School was the only Inland Empire Bartending School at the time, it thrived, and graduates were being hired all over the Inland Empire. Jeff owned the bartender school in the Inland Empire until he sold it to the current owner.

Soon, other Inland Empire Bartender Schools started to appear

Soon, other bartender school owners knew Jeff was doing well in the Inland Empire. It took nearly twenty years for other Inland Empire Bartender schools to open around Jeff. When the new owner, Nate Smiley, purchased the bartender school, two other Inland Empire bartender schools were within a 15-mile area. Nate knew he had to treat people in the community with respect.Upon purchasing

Jeff’s National Bartenders School, Nate decided to change a few things. First, he increased the amount of time students needed to put in for practice. No other Inland Empire bartender school used a flexible schedule to accommodate students. Nate decided to take a huge chance and make the program “Come and go as you please.”

What is more convenient for a person than walking in and having a personal bartending trainer at their disposal? Another big issue was Nate felt like every graduate needed to have the opportunity to work as a bartender upon graduation. They also needed guidance from someone with experience to reach their vision and goals as a bartender. Nate decided to do all the Resume Help, Interviewing strategies and techniques, and job placement with every graduate. He had worked at the National Bartenders School of Riverside for over four years and was responsible for Job Placement for much of that time.

Other Inland Empire Bartenders Schools Have Come and Gone

A graduate of our inland empire bartender school working and having funMany have attempted to open an Inland Empire bartender school to compete with Nate. The others do not have the tenacity, thoroughness, and heart of Riverside Bartending School.

Essentially Nate runs two businesses for the price of one. It is what one must do to treat students with respect and not waste their time, money, cost of transportation back and forth to the school, and, most notably, the vision they have of what they want to do in the field of bartending.

Nate feels very strongly about following through and helping every student and graduate pave the way for their future as a professional bartender.

Therefore, he must train his students to be the best bartenders. They need to be knowledgeable, fast, efficient, and on point! This is why he teaches students for 100 hours instead of 20 or 30 hours. He understands that bar managers and owners are looking for the bartender on their “A Game.” With 20, 30, or even 40 hours of training, it is impossible for the average person to become an effective bartender.

Owners of places serving spirits are very concerned with what bartenders they hire. Riverside is the only Inland Empire bartender school that trains its students to become effective bartenders. Owners want to avoid taking 10’s of thousands of dollars in losses training a bartender while they are bartending in the restaurant or the bar in a live customer experience.

Too much money is lost if the bartender cannot keep up with the ordered drinks. Most patrons of bars and restaurants want to get their drink within a few minutes rather than waiting 20-30 minutes. If customers wait long for a drink, they do not reorder another drink. That is a significant loss of sales for the owner, and they will not hire graduates from schools that produce under-prepared students.

Other Inland Empire bartender schools do not spend the time or effort to train an excellent high-volume bartender. Their websites might be attractive, and their bar may be lit up with LED lighting and look fancy. One must ask themselves, “Is this training what I need to become a fast and efficient bartender.”

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The only Inland Empire Bartender School that staffs over 1000 places per year

Our bartenders working an eventRiverside Bartending School Is now the gigantic service industry provider of Bartenders to over 1000 bars, restaurants, venues, arenas, stadiums, casinos, and clubs all over Southern California.

Nate has built an empire of contacts, associates, and connections in the Inland Empire. He started staffing the most significant events in Southern California, including NASCAR, EDM festivals, the Queen Mary, Rose Parade, Long Beach Grand Prix, and Pride Parades.

We are the  only Inland Empire Bartender School owner to work with large nationwide companies that throw some of the country’s largest events in the Inland empire. If there is a major event in Southern California, some of our graduates are working the event.

Our Inland Empire Bartenders School is Unique

Riverside Bartending School is a very unique bartending school. The mission of Riverside Bartending School is “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Which is one of the most important things you can do in life. The owner, employees, and associates who make it possible for Riverside to be the number one bartender’s school in the Inland Empire agree.

The long-term relationships and the excellent reputation in the community are worth the effort of working with every student and graduate one-on-one to ensure their success. It is why Nate gives his personal cell phone number to everyone in job placement assistance. He wants every graduate to have the answers or comfort they need. Most people find it daunting to interview for a job when new to an industry.

Nate has been known to give extra care to graduates who are nervous about interviewing. He suggests they get to the interview location 30 minutes early and call him from the parking lot. During this conversation, they go over the crucial questions that will be asked in nearly every interview for a bartender. He lifts them up, calms their nerves, and gives them the positivity they need to knock the interview out of the park!

If you are looking for the Inland Empire Bartender School, which has been in the exact location for over 40 years, you’ve found the right place! Riverside Bartending School is number one in the Inland Empire for placing graduates in bartending jobs upon completion of the program.

Riverside Bartending School

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