Bartending Jobs and Job Placement Assistance

Provides You With The Means To Earn At Least $30/hr And Opportunity To Make $80/hr or More.

#1 Job Placement Assistance

Our Bartending Jobs and Job Placement Assistance Program is the reason Riverside Bartending School is such a popular choice for bartending education. Additionally, our grads make $30 an hour with a significant opportunity for advancement. Would you prefer to earn minimum wage with little chance of being rewarded for outstanding customer service or earn a professional bartender’s salary?

Bartending Jobs Are Fun!

Would you like to meet new people every few minutes and help them enjoy themselves? Better yet, would you like a job that starts in the afternoon or evening and rarely ever in the morning? Lastly, do lost employment opportunities due to the economy get you down?

Did you answer yes to any or all of these questions? If so, you might be interested in becoming a bartender. You can learn how to tend a bar in a high-volume environment, bartend behind a real bar, and become highly skilled by attending Riverside Bartending School. It is virtually a recession-proof career; people always consume alcohol; they drink when happy or sad, during the good times and bad.

Many Riverside Bartending School graduates previously spent months looking for retail jobs that pay minimum wage without the possibility of receiving a tip. After graduation from Bartending School, our local job placement assistance helps these same folks land jobs. Additionally, they earn at least $30 an hour. If our graduates are unhappy with their wages, they can go through our acclaimed Bartending Jobs and Job Placement Assistance Program as often as necessary to land the job of their dreams. We are always here for our graduates, and we are very tenacious.

Do not delay; your dream can start today!

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