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Our Secret Shopper Program

For restaurants and bars, our secret shopper program, is  unparalleled in the service industry. Moreover, our secret shopper program has helped many entrepreneurs increase profits tremendously. 

What do we do? First, analyze the needs of the client. Second, form a plan on how to implement the shopping. Third, mutually agree on the proposed course of action. Fourth, execute the plan. Finally, report back to the entrepreneur with full details about the performance of the staff, including management.

Secret shopper program
Woman bar owner is happy with the secret shopper program

Do I Need a Secret Shopper Program

Many entrepreneurs may ask themselves “Do I need a secret shopper?”. One may find themselves asking why. In short, the essential part of any business is security. 

Additionally, we often see security risks in many facets of restaurants and bars. For example, you may have one employee is misappropriating $25.00 per night, five nights per week. 

Consequently, they were the cause of you losing $6250.00 annually. Moreover, employees do not realize the gravity of the situation. Similarly, restaurant and bar owners place their financial lives on the line to own and operate their businesses. 

Understandably, keeping your restaurant or bar secure and high-functioning is the key to staying alive in today’s marketplace. We employ many creative tactics to keep your staff honest, reliable, and alert.

Who Works With Our Secret Shopping Program

Riverside Bartending School’s secret shopping program has been around for over a decade. A large Southern California Casino was our first customer. Our reports back to the casino were concise and accurate. Furthermore, the relevant information was returned to the casino and helped increase profits in double digits. Shortly after, a former manager in one of the outlets of the casino called us. Hence, the rest is history, and our program is very successful. Currently, we consult or secret shop the corner bar all the way up to some of the most significant venues in Southern California.

I’m Interested – How Do I Get Started

Just fill out the “Contact Us” form. In the “comments” section, please indicate you need a secret shopper. Our consultant will call you to find out exactly what your needs are. He will quote you a price over the phone.

Additionally, if you feel like something is not right, it usually is not. Therefore, do yourself a favor and bring solace back to your life and your business by knowing your staff is doing the right thing.

Staff Issues

Consequently, many times after receiving our analysis of their business, owners, and managers determine that they need to hire more professional bartenders and staff.  Thankfully, we can help our clients in this area. Finally, if you need additional bartenders, service staff, or hosts for your event, please do not hesitate to contact us; because Riverside Bartending School can and will provide you with experienced and successful bartenders.

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