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We Do Restaurant and Bar Consulting

Many entrepreneurs find themselves needing to consult with a third party. Whether one is new to the business or a seasoned bar owner, it is important to know your business well. Why roll the dice? The food and beverage industry has changed tremendously in the last few years. Additionally, customers are more finicky and expect excellent service. Our restaurant and bar consulting program is short and sweet. The goal is to find sensible answers to the challenges the entrepreneur faces. Similarly, placing the solutions into action at the business is paramount.

Expectations from the Consultation

Our consultant has a Masters Degree in Management and over two decades of service industry experience. Moreover, he possesses a plethora of contacts in the food and beverage industry. In the beginning, we will discuss your expectations for the consultation and address them all. Creating or maintaining a restaurant, bar, or both is very challenging at times. In the same fashion, creating sets of systems to minimize labor and maximize efficiency is the real key to success. Of course, decor, design, ergonomics, product knowledge, and several other issues come into play. Our restaurant and bar consulting program will give the proper answers to the entrepreneur or the fee for consulting is waived. If we cannot solve the challenge we feel the problem cannot be answered.

Why Choose Riverside Bartending School to Consult

Some would ask “Why choose Riverside Bartending School to consult with me about my restaurant?” The answer is very simple, we are knowledgeable and passionate about the food and beverage industry. We are always up for making new relationships. Additionally, our number one goal is helping others succeed. With all the new technology bombarding us on a daily basis it ‘s hard to keep up for many businesses. We understand! Whether the problem lies in design, planning, permits, conditional permits, technology, marketing, build outs, leases, or unscrupulous employees, we have the answers.

Contact a Bar and Restaurant Consultant

To contact a bar and restaurant consultant, please fill out the “Contact Us” form. In the “comments” section, please indicate you would like someone to contact you for a consultation. Then, you may expect a phone call from our consultant typically within 24 hours. Cheers!!!

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