Is Bartending School Worth It

An entirely honest analysis to answer the question “Is bartending school worth it.” Because you are on a website for a bartending school, you may feel it is a waste of time to read on. However, the information on this page will be as unbiased as possible.

Bartending Schools

Professional and well trained male female bartenders serving cocktailsThere are a few bartending schools throughout the nation that have a reputation in their communities as being “The Place to Go.” Conversely, the majority of bartending schools need to step it up if they want the bartending school industry to stay healthy.

Indeed, a perfect world would have excellent bartending schools, and none would be shabby. Perhaps the poor schools would like to do the right job. Yes, it’s true, I believe a large portion of the schools nationwide would increase their curriculum if it were viable to do so.

The problem lies within most states (except California). Most states have a Department of Education or their Bureau for Private and Postsecondary Vocational Education (governmental oversight agency for vocational schools). The names of the regulatory oversight agencies vary. I used the two names above as an example of what most states call the agency governing vocational schools. At any rate, those governing bodies rule with an iron fist. These actions, cause improvements to a school’s curriculum to be a nasty mess of governmental red tape. For that reason, California is very relaxed, and changes to the curriculum are not an issue.

Bartending Schools in California

To clarify, bartending schools in California may create any curriculum they desire. In fact, you would think all bartending schools in California would step up and do the right job. Unfortunately, the old school of thought with old school players in the bartending school industry still runs rampant.

More to Come

To illustrate what is happening I am creating some posts for you, the consumer, to read at your leisure. Some of the opinions expressed in the readings under “Is Bartending School Worth It” may be offensive to some. That is to say, “some” bartending school owners. The goal of these posts is to educate the consumer. This information will assist you to make an informed decision about attending Riverside Bartending School, a different bartending school, or working your way up to the position of bartender. However, working your way up is probably the worst decision anyone can make. Please read the posts on this site, and I will explain this in detail.


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