Do you know jagermeister

Do You Know Jagermeister

is a drinkable bitters liqueur that was developed in Germany in 1934? Its secret recipe currently remains a mystery to many. Frequently, many people drink Jagermeister. Do you know Jagermeister is associated with tasting like cough syrup? Yes, sometimes Jagermeister is associated with a cough syrup taste. We still feel it has a great place behind our bar.

The First Case of Jagermeister

Jägermeister setup

Jagermeister was launched to the German market in 1935. The first case of Jagermeister was shipped to the United States in 1971.

Do you know Jagermeister is made from 56 herbs, fruits, woods, barks, and roots from all over the world: for example, cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger roots, saffron and coriander fruits… and of course, the secret herbs for the secret recipe developed by Curt Mast, the founder of Jagermeister.

Jagermeister is Very Popular

Jagermeister is sold in over 60 countries all over the world. In the United States, Jagermeister is very popular. Likewise, bartenders have come up with some of the most fantastic recipes. One of the favorite recipes among younger folks is the Jager Bomb. Place one part Jager and one part energy drink, shake and strain. Not to mention, one of the funniest side effects of Jager Bombs is being buzzed, then not being able to sleep. Yes, one may want to clean the whole house at 4 AM.

Funny Story About Jagermeister

Here is a funny story about Jagermeister. The story has a rather brutal ending. Out of respect for their actual names, we shall use ghost names.

Stephanie, a seasoned bartender, decided to take New Year’s Eve off by calling in sick. Obviously, Stephanie was not ill but decided she would party for New Year’s. Stephanie was scheduled to work with another bartender named Scott. Scott was furious when Stephanie called in sick. After all, Scott was the lead bartender and was responsible for ensuring excellent sales.

With only one bartender, sales will slump if the bar is crowded. Comparatively, two bartenders are always able to sell more alcohol than one bartender in the period of busy times. Conversely, Scott was happy for himself because fewer bartenders meant more tips.

Anyway, Scott worked the night and made $1175.00 in tips. However, Scott’s boss was less than happy due to a 30% less than the projected night of bar sales.

When Stephanie returned to work, she was fired. One might ask why? Surprisingly, Stephanie knocked her tooth out doing a Jager Bomb out of a pint glass. She did not have the money to fix her tooth. Additionally, her boss lost $2600.00 in gross sales because of Stephanie’s absence. Her boss told her, “It’s not because you called in sick and went partying, although its a factor. Its because you do not have a front tooth.”

The moral of the story is? Missing teeth must be addressed immediately. Stephanie had a new bartending job a few days after fixing the tooth. However, she was not quick to brag about the ordeal to others.

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