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Anheuser Busch BeersAnheuser Busch Beers

Anheuser Busch Beer is the topic of this installment in the “Did You Know?” series. This series will be information about the world of spirits. I will be featuring a different spirit in each “Did You Know” blog.

How Long Does Beer Last?

Beer is a food product and does have a shelf life. Because of this shelf-life, each can or bottle of beer brewed by Anheuser Busch has a “born on date” printed on its side.

The shelf life for that can of Budweiser in your fridge or out in the garage is 110-days from the “born on date.”

Keg or draft beer will go bad 50-days after the “born on date.”

Why Does “Keg Beer” Go Bad Sooner?

In contrast to draught beer, which comes in barrels (kegs), commercially available cans and bottles of beer contain pasteurized beer. While not the same for bottled or canned, draught beer must be kept cold at all times. However, for your enjoyment, I suggest that once you have chilled your canned or bottled beer that you keep them refrigerated until served.

Give Me Head

Foam head is a good thing. When beer is poured down the glass side, eliminating the foam head will make the beer look flat and unappealing. It will make the beer taste gassy and will fill you up faster.

How Many Kegs Needed?

a bartender pours a perfect mug of beer with good head


A half-barrel of beer holds 15.5 gallons and yields 154 servings. Drawing a beer down the glass side, eliminating the foam head, will yield about 124-servings. That is a significant loss in servings and profits as well.

For more facts about Anheuser Busch products, you can check out their many websites!

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