Bartending School in Riverside, CA

Bartending School in Riverside, CA

Riverside Bartending School in So Cal, is the choice. Why, because of job placement services. In addition, the amount of knowledge you receive in our classes is unsurpassed. Choosing our program allows you the chance to receive national bartending recognition and superior bartending jobs. Without a doubt, Riverside Bartending School is the best choice to learn how to tend bar. Whether one is in a busy bar or club environment our grads pleasing both customers and their employers.

The top 3 reasons that Riverside Bartending School is the best choice.

1. We Are Experienced

With over 30 years of teaching people how to bartend, the staff at Riverside Bartending School knows what it takes to start out in the fast paced world of bartending. Whether you are tending a bar on the Sunset Strip, serving drinks at the top of the Four Seasons, or pouring a perfect glass of Guinness at the pub you will be prepared. Moreover, upon graduation from Riverside Bartending School, you will be prepared have the skills you need to bartend in these situations and more.

2. We Are Affordable

Worried about the cost of Bartending School? Do not let that stop you from pursuing this exciting career. At Riverside Bartending School we offer financing programs that meet most budgets. We develop a personal relationship with our students. Knowing how to communicate with our students and figuring out how to provide them with our training at a cost that is affordable and sensible is very important.

3. Job Placement Assistance

Riverside is committed to finding bartending jobs for our students and provide an 8 hour / 365 days/year job placement assistance program. Additionally, at Riverside Bartending School we judge our success by the success of our students. Furthermore, Riverside has relationships throughout the nation and Southern California. Last, we have placed our graduates at many of the popular establishments in the area.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and starting you on your way toward a rewarding career as a bartender.

Call us today at 1-866-936-4948 or 1-951-371-6342.

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